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I come from a lineage of photography. My grandfather owned and operated a small and quaint camera shop called Eade's Camera in small-town Indiana. It is through my grandfather's cameras that I first encountered the magic of the photographic process.. I would spend many afternoons fiddling around with his 35mm cameras and became enthralled with putting a frame around a subject and clicking the button in order to tell a story.....Shortly thereafter, I began photographing friends and musicians and almost immediately found my photographs showing up in varying publications, both in print and on-line. I have an immense appreciation for art and especially love the immediate ability to draw a picture with a photograph. It is an amazing freedom choosing to put a frame around a small piece of the world. It is a thrill that I hope will never end. When not photographing, I can most often be found in my darkroom printing analogue photographs from my negatives. For me, the darkroom print completes the photographic process. Thank you so much for stopping by, and I deeply appreciate your interest in my work.